Welcome to BroadbandNI. This website allows consumers in Northern Ireland to compare and choose between the many different broadband packages available in this fast-changing market place.
BroadbandNI.com operates independently of all the broadband providers that are displayed on our site. As well as standard residential broadband packages, we also provide details on Business, Mobile and Bundle broadband packages available in Northern Ireland.

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If you are currently on dial-up internet, there has never been a better time to switch to Broadband - as Northern Ireland is now 100% Broadband accessible. If you are already a broadband user but have been with the same service provider for more than a year, the chances are there will be a much better package available to you to today! There are even greater deals to be found for business broadband users.

Northern Ireland has become the first region in Europe to have 100% access to high speed internet (partly through satellite broadband). Almost 10m of European funding has been invested to make broadband universally available in NI. This is fantastic news for consumers as it means that every household, business, school and library in Northern Ireland can now access broadband regardless of their location. A recent study by Ofcom has identified that internet usage in Northern Ireland has surged especially for things like online dating in Northern Ireland. Another study by Ofcom has identified Northern Irelands broadband and online usage statistics. Arlene Foster announces that Northern Ireland rural areas broadband speeds are to increase.

This table lists operators which offer broadband services throughout the province. These packages use ADSL connections, which in plain English means that the broadband is delivered through your existing telephone line. Some of the packages listed here may include a 'bundle' of services including features such as free local and national telephone calls.

Belfast consumers have even more choice, with the availability of cable broadband. Cable broadband packages can usually be combined with digital tv services to offer an even better deal.